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Related post: Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 16:54:41 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant underage cheerleaders Retrainer - Chapter 12This is the 12th chapter of The Reluctant Retrainer, part two of a trilogy of novels of gay sex.Keywords: authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story is entirely a work of fiction and all rights to it and its characters are copyright and private to and reserved by the author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If you are underage to read this kind of material or if this material will be unlawful for you to read where your live,please leave his webpage now.Contact points: eMail: gerrytaylor78hotmail.com Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Erotic_Gay_StoriesThe Reluctant Retrainer by Gerry TaylorChapter 12 -- The mining fourBefore I knew it, the thirty days were up in which I had had to retrain the four mine slaves of Farouq al-Hamdi. I rang Farouq and told him the good news that the four were retrained and that he could have them back whenever he wanted them, but that first perhaps, he should inspect them.I therefore underage bbs rompl invited him over for dinner and asked would he like to stay the night. He readily accepted, but said that he was beautiful underage cunt entertaining four friends and could not underaged teens sex stay late. I told him to have his friends come along for the dinner and stay the night. Being sixty miles from the capital does have its advantages at times, but its disadvantages as to late evening dinners as was the custom here in Dahra.I had had the four slaves, Randy, Pete, Raoul and Todd exercised thoroughly that day, morning and afternoon, plus a thirty-minute swim. I also told them that I want underaged amateur nudes them to render obeisance underage virgin funlumpkinsing to their Master Farouq al-Hamdi in true Dahran style when they met him that evening after dinner.From the look on their faces, it was obvious that they thought this was some form of `display' underage baby bbs or `rest' stand. I soon dispelled that idea, when I dropped my trousers and told Randy to make the usual obeisance touching his forehead to the ground and them kneeling up and kissing my penis. His eyes flew open.`Now,' I commanded.He did it with only the slightest hesitation.`Pete,' I ordered.Pete, the Australian, did likewise. I thought that he was about to say something as he his Adam's apple was bobbing up and down so much. But his lips touched my cockhead and he was done.`Raoul,' I said.The Frenchman made obeisance and taking my underaged virgins shaft in his hand, he kissed it as if it were the hand of a lady.`Todd,' I ordered.All eyes were on Todd, the former fomenter of troubles and unrest. His eyes were glazed. He made obeisance and without a moment's hesitation, he kissed my penis.`I am proud of all of you for coming through your retraining so well. Each of you has excelled. fucking underaged Each of you has faced up to your difficulties and overcome them. Tonight, each of you will be asked one single question in turn -- `Who is your Master? You underage illegal toplist will answer in turn `My Master is Farouq al-Hamdi' and underage nudist drunk you will make your obeisance as we have done, and then you will put your Master's right foot on the back of your neck.'`Is that clear?'There were four clear `Yes, Master' replies.`Tonight also, I am going to suggest to your Master, that all of you underage dark collection be put in a new section of the mining operation, which I am going to recommend. In fact, I shall make him an offer he cannot refuse, and if he foolishly does refuse the offer, he will lose a lot of money on it.'The underage nude topsites four looked at each real underage babes other, not understanding what I was saying, and seeking to know if any of the others knew what I was hookersunderage going to suggest. The four slaves looked really confused but I did not elaborate further.Farouq arrived at the Aloe Palace, and as it has a number of unusual features, which I had been creating such gaypussyeatingunderagekelly as the gardens and fountains, I walked him and teen kiddy underage his four friends though the gardens and showed him what my plans were. It became clear that he and his friends were not really interested in fields or underage beast cartoons gardens little naked underage or fountains and, while their attention was polite, they were clearly more interested in the business aspects of this or that or the other.Farouq had not at this stage seen his four slaves, whom I said would be presented to him after dinner where they would make obeisance to him in traditional Dahran style. illegal underage pornpics He looked at me unbelievingly but said nothing.The dinner was again one of Flavio's delights. I had spoken with Farouq's own head of household - the one in the capital to find out what he really liked to each -- which was a type of local kebab -- and Flavio had excelled himself in producing it with eight different types of sauces which he had tested the previous two days on my driver, Aziz, Yuriy and Greg, who the only ones who did not eat biscuits now on a regular basis.While Farouq and his friends -- I had not recognized their names but knew of one transport operation with which illegal underage anal one of them was connected, they talked a lot about business. It was also clear that Farouq was a gourmet and the meal was a total success. I had not realised that his holdings were quite so extensive and in five different countries, hence his frequent absences from Dahra.It was time to bring in the usenet underage slaves. The four came in, made obeisance together all four touching their foreheads to hawaii underage drinking the underage metart ground at the one time and stood at `display.' If porn japanese underage I blonde underage say so myself, they looked outstanding.Looking first at Randy, I asked, `Who is your bilder sex underage Master?He replied, `Farouq al-Hamdi is my Master'`Are you ready to pay obeisance to your Master?'`Yes, Master.'He went forward knelt, touched the ground with his forehead. Farouq had lifted his dish-dash -- the long white thoub that most Arabs wore. His legs were heavily covered in body hair. From my angle, I could not see his genitals just a model underage russian dark and luxurious bush of pubic hair, but I was told afterward that his underage nude grils member must have been all of underage modles nine-inches long and the thickness of a wrist.The four business friends were looking nipple underage pics on in fascination.Randy took underage teen gangbang Farouq member he had seen Raoul do to mine at `practice' time, kissed it and returned it to its place underage non nude between his legs.Pete, Raoul and Todd followed in quick succession; the only difference being that when Todd has kissed and returned the member to its place, Farouq reached out, lifted his chin and looked into his eyes. Todd just blinked at the held stare.I clapped my hands and said `you underage girl tgp lot, now give me a big real underage schoolgirls smile,' and I said underage webcam movies to Farouq that the dentist's work on their teeth was my present to himTheir newly capped teeth almost brightened the room with their whiteness.`Now, out, the lot of underage smoking you. My guests are here to enjoy their dinner not to look at you.'When they had left, Farouq turned to me `Extraordinary. Quite extraordinary. I actually believe there is no longer hatred, or anger, or mayhem or whatever there was when I sent him here in that slave's eyes' he said referring to Todd. `Quite extraordinary.'`Farouq, their retraining is only the first step. You must use what you now have. You have paid a lot of money for this, so you must be sure of your investment.'Farouq held up underaged nn girls his hand. underage teen fuck `Jonathan, I must confess. I have not made an investment in this. I have lost no money here. In fact, I have actually made a million euro,' he said with a sly smile.I underage artistic nude was now at sea. underage directory girls He continued, `Those four slaves caused me or rather my overseers so much trouble that it was talked about among my friends here -- and he indicated his nudism underage four friends -- we have a betting syndicate of ten members - at the race track in Kuwait.`I had heard of your success with Rashid's slave,' -- he was referring to Greg Logan - `and I made a bet that I knew would not lose, that you would retrain these four in thirty days. If I lost and all four were not broken, I would pay each of underage boy dick the ten members of the syndicate two hundred thousand euro each. If you broke all four as you have done, they will each pay me two hundred thousand euro each. As my sweetener to you to ensure your very best efforts was one million euro, my profit in this has been a clear million.'I looked at him and laughed along with his happy laughter, but inside me I was seething. These four slaves were nothing more in all hentai taboo underage of this than part of a bet between members of a horse or camel syndicate!I angel underage japan had been about to suggest underage sex blog that the four not be sent back to the mining proper but be put use cute girls underage in servicing the other slaves' rest and recuperation after a week's work -- russian underage pussy the present slaves being required to work every day of the year. Now, I no longer wished to help him or play his little games of bets and wagers.`Farouq, you are such a businessman, really there is no end gay underage photos to underage russian freesex your business underage sexy costume acumen!' I laid lesbian photo underage on kids nonude underage the flattery. `Now you can make even more money out of this, let me tell you.'`Money, how?' the businessman in him took over, even the other four looked over.`I want to buy these four slave from you.'He looked at me in surprise, but I continued `I have broken them ilegal underage bbs and they now recognise you as Master. That is what you wanted. What I cannot guarantee you is how long that this will last. Oh, six months certainly, a year perhaps, but there is always the danger that they will revert. You know what they say about wild animals. You can take the animal out of the jungle, underage pre videos but not the jungle out of the animal.'Sipping his drink, Farouq nodded.`As you have seen, I am expanding my gardens and nonude underaged girls fields and need more slaves. These would be ideal for bbs underage porn me. They know what hard work is from the mine and they fear me as none of my other slaves do. They would be ideal! Would you be interested big underage tits then in selling them.'Farouq moistened his lower lip. I knew underage girl cartoon the body language well from a thousand banking deals over the years. He was preeteen underage models hooked it was only a matter of price.`A fair price?'`A fair price, Farouq! You have made me rich in this matter, nudist underage teen which has restored your reputation. Would you say that twice what you paid underage nudity videos for all four slaves would be a fair price?'Farouq closed his eyes youngest underage incest briefly totting up the original prices paid as best he could remember.`For the four, I must have paid, one hundred, one hundred and ten thousand euro. Double that would be...' underage topless pics he stopped as if the calculation was too underage teen boobs much to do in his head.`Farouq shall we say a quarter of a million euro. I shall never have more fearful slaves for some time than these four.'Farouq clapped his hands as they do in that part of the underage free pass Gulf in the enjoyment of a done deal, and said `Jonathan, they are yours' and he looked round at his friends xxx underage gallery who were shaking their heads at Farouq making money yet again.Farouq continued, `we have both made money on this deal. Now allow me to give you a little something as well, as a sign of underage model movies my appreciation. I had not known that we would also be doing business this evening. I shall have the files sent to underage girls gallery you tomorrow.'He had brought with him underage russian nudes to the dinner table a small circular blue box, about 3 inches in diameter. He slid it down the table to me. On underage girls jpg opening it, on a backdrop of black velvet was a brilliant red firestone opal, perfect in every way and size just under an inch wide and just slightly longer.`Have it set to your own choosing.'`Farouq, thank you for such splendid underage latina fucking present.'He was not underage virgins porn such underage cumshot a bad guy after all when he was not underage pictures making bets with slaves as the prizes.Dinner was really over and it was now about ten or so. Body language tells you when underage upskirts people are about to retire.I said to Farouq and his guests that our underage absolute Palace did not have underage nymphs models a large number of slaves, but if there was any particular type underage pussies only that might be of interest to model illegal underage him as a bed companion for the night, just to say.They all surprised me surprised me by saying that he had brought their own. underage top100 russian underage nudism I looked over at Aziz who had been hovering in the background.`The slaves of the Master's guests are in their bedrooms, Master.' Aziz knew the ways of visiting dignitaries to a Palace and had found Farouq's two teenage boys in the trunk of the limousine with his luggage, a black slave in another, and two young female underage sex nudes slaves in the other boots.`I shall not detain you from your rest further, Farouq, gentlemen, and wish you a japenese underage girls good night's rest and again, Farouq, thank you for such a beautiful gem.'When they had gone upstairs, I said to Aziz, `Where are the four slaves? I have just bought them from Farouq for the fields.'`They are animate porn underage in the slave quarters, Master, they may be bedded down for the night. I shall check.'`No, Aziz, let us walk over together. Would you underage priteen porn like one or more of them for the household?'`No, Master, we are fine in the household at underage posing nude the moment. sexy underage bbs One of the new troupe of Swedes is in the Palace xxx underage pictures painting for us. If all the planting you want done is to be done before the winter, kds underage Yuriy will need all the help he can get.'The four mine slaves as I still thought of them were not asleep. They seemed to be too full of adrenaline after the day and more so after the evening. When I walked in, the four kneeled down in the communal cell where they were based. I thirteen underage virgin notice that Randy and Pete were palleted together as were Raoul and underage pussy videos Todd.`Has anyone any comment about boy pics underage this evening?' I asked.There was a wise silence.`Farouq al-Hamdi was delighted with your obedience and underage toplist 12yo your behaviour and your obeisance. In fact, he could not have been more pleased, nor could I. So sleep well. Tomorrow will be the start underage fuck top100 of a new phase in your lives' and I turned to leave.`Master?'It was Todd, ever the leader in good times and bad.`Yes, Todd.'`Master, the new section of the mining operation? What is it going to be?'`Oh, that. We never got around to talking about that because Farouq al-Hamdi has sold the four of you.'There was consternation in their eyes. Randy looked really frightened.`But, to whom Master?' Todd said, `who has bought us?'`I did.'I was only about two paces away from Todd, but he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around my legs. The other three on their knees followed suit and we all nearly unbalanced. Aziz was not impressed at the lack of respect and proper obeisance.`Ok. Ok. Back to your pallets. You will have a lot to learn from Yuriy, your new overseer in the morning. And Todd, what are you doing tonight?'`Anything, my Master wants,' he replied with a teens nude underage grin.`Well come on then. You two,' I said to Pete and Randy, `put Raoul in the middle and be sure to keep him warm. I am looking forward to having each of you in my bed on other nights.'And with an arm around Todd's waist, I walked back to the Palace.Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the giant Yedo waiting for Aziz over at the overseer's quarters. It would be an interesting night for all.Todd was never underage illegal pedo a disappointment that night or on any other one when I bedded him alone or as a sandwich. I do not think that schoolgirl underage he ever regarded our moments today as being gay sex, but rather that I, his bed partner on those nights, was simply not female. But in bed, underage pictures pedo with Todd, I had never anything of which to complain, and I always made a point of ensuring that he was underaged foto never less than an hour on the edge of orgasm, before finally coming.to be continued...
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